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Welcome to Brashear Baptist Church. We are a Church family that stands together on the Word of God. Come join us for a time of learning, growing, and worshipping together.

Our Motto:

A family standing on the Word of God.

Our Vision:

To create an environment in our ministries and worship that people feel the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ so strongly that when they leave, they want to come back and bring someone with them.

Our Mission:

A church ministry experience where people:

  1. Come to know and understand Jesus Christ.
  2. Are engaged in an ongoing process of learning.
  3. Are living, learning and growing in the Holy Spirit.
  4. Are serving and sharing their faith.

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Babylon VBS 2023

Join Daniel—torn from his home and forced into the king’s service. Explore exotic sights and smells in a Babylonian bazaar! Kids and adults will find that they’re not much different from Daniel and his friends, who kept their faith in a faithless culture.

When is it? June 5-9, 2023 from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Who Can Come: All Nursery - 6th Graders Welcome!

Register now: https://vbspro.events/p/events/brashearvbs